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US Coast Guard Trainer

On October 21, 2009 Morris Yachts won a 3 year contract to build the Coast Guard Academy’s eight (8) new Leadership 44 custom training vessels. The final yacht will be delivered this year in 2012! Morris won the contract after a nine-month proposal process and was selected over several other prestigious yards including Goetz, Hinckley, Pearson and Tartan. The new vessels will replace the elegant but decades old Luders sailing craft.

“This is a very prestigious and exciting contract for Morris Yachts,” said Morris, “It is an honor to be chosen by our country’s Coast Guard to build these craft. These vessels are the foundation of leadership training at the Coast Guard Academy.”

The Academy chose Morris Yachts because of its ability to deliver high quality vessels that meet specific requirements in both layout design and functionality. The Leadership 44s (designed by David Pedrick Yacht Designs) are a unique blend of advanced naval architecture, high-quality engineering and reliability that will give cadets, and sailors alike, a robust, responsive and progressive vessel.

From these USCG Leadership 44s Morris has engineered two civilian versions, (the L44 Performance (Lp44) and the L44 Cruising (Lc44)). These performance racer cruisers are now available for sailors around the world to purchase.

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Leadership 44 Overview



  • Designed to be a floating leadership platform, providing Cadets a maritime experience that is difficult to recreate with large cutters
  • Primary platform for the 2/c Coastal Sail Training Program; considered by most Cadets to be their seminal leadership experience while at the Academy
  • Provide all Cadets with small craft command and control, navigation, and seamanship experiences
  • Will be used as an extension of the Cadet barracks, with each Cadet Company having access to, and responsibility for, its own boat
  • Extends the waterfront season, providing Cadets more time underway and the standardization of the off-shore sailing program
    Showcases the Academy as one of the premier waterfront facilities in the country

Training that’s as personalized as our boats

ownerEach handcrafted Morris comes with a personalized training course that is tailor made for you to help you use your new boat. The training happens right onboard in a location you choose and is taught by our most experienced professionals.

The purpose of the program is to give you hands-on experience and insight into key areas of your Morris lifestyle. From sailing, docking and anchoring to systems and maintenance, we’ll teach you practical, hands on techniques that will make your ownership experience more rewarding and more fun.

Course offerings are tailored to the personal needs of our owners and can cover a variety of topics from sailing fundamentals to advanced sailing; coastal cruising skills to offshore passagemaking; racing basics to advanced racing strategies. Maintenance and service are also covered in our training program.

“Every Morris owner wants to know more about their boat and more about how they can use it. What better way to learn than being taught on your own boat by the people who built it.” said Cuyler Morris. “We believe this program is just another example of the commitment we place behind our owners and we are proud to offer it exclusively to every owner of a Morris Yacht.”



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