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This is where it all began. At the age of 32, Tom Morris and his wife Tina moved their family to Maine to become boat builders. That fall, Tom built his first boat: the Pemaquid Friendship Sloop. Since 1972, the Morris name has stood for a breed of yacht built by and for people who love to sail.

Take a stroll down memory lane and view our fabulous line of ‘Heritage Yachts’. While not in production today, some of these yachts do make their way to our Pre-Owned listings, so be sure to check the Pre-Owned section of our website if you are interested in one of these legendary boats.

Heritage News

Nothing Sails To Windward Quite Like A Morris Yacht

Morris Yachts Ambassador Cuyler Morris has literally been sailing aboard "Morris Yachts" since his father Tom Morris moved his family to Maine to start building boats in 1972. Meanwhile, he and I have sailed more [...]

  • Cutty Sark

A Piece of Morris Yachts’ Heritage is Restored!

A cherished nautical treasure receives a “second wind”.

Welcome Home “Menemsha”!

When the new owners of “Menemsha” (Hull #1 of our Ocean 46 Heritage model) purchased her this summer, they had an extensive refit plan in mind in order to transform her into their own pride [...]