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Annie 29

Intended as an ocean-going small cruiser with a strong emphasis on speed and sailing ability, the Annie 29 boasts charm, simplicity, and quality craftsmanship. The top priority in her design was comfortable cruising, and comfortable she is: her healthy displacement results in an extremely gentle motion at sea. Her designer, Chuck Paine, conceptualized her as “the ultimate boat for the working man… large enough to become a man’s home, seaworthy enough to handle any ocean, fast enough to offer her owner any port in the world… and no more.”

Features aboard Annie 29 include a spacious forward cabin, laid out with a dresser and hanging locker for storage, opening hatch and ports for ventilation. Hand-crafted to be both charming and elegant, richly varnished mahogany makes up most of the interior. Complete with a two burner kerosene stove and oven, her galley provides a maximum amount of counter space and an exceptional amount of storage space. Annie 29 is a true gem: Everything you need, and nothing more.

Year Crafted: 1980
Number Built: 16
No longer in production

Annie 29 Overview

  • Length Overall 29’5″
  • Length at Design Waterline 24′6″
  • Beam, Maximum 9’5.5″
  • Draft 4′6″
  • Displacement: 11,027 lbs.
  • Sail Area: 456 Square Feet
  • Ballast (lead) 4400 lbs.