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Leigh 30

Leigh 30 is a natural at sea. She was conceived as a coastal cruising yacht of adequate size to accommodate small sailing families, but with the additional capability of safe offshore passage-making. As to be expected of a conservative double-ender, Leigh 30 has a comfortable motion at sea, with her most positive attribute being her great stability. Her high freeboard, extended above the level of the main deck by bulwarks, makes her exceptionally dry for a boat of this size.

Don’t be fooled by her pleasingly “feminine” appearance: Leigh 30 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Her design has achieved a high strength-to-weight ratio in her hull and interior without bringing her in overweight. The cabin is pleasant to live in at sea with a clean, airy feel to it. All joiner work is glassed to the hull to give the hull structure unsurpassed strength. All in all, Leigh 30 is a superb coastal cruiser who received a warm reception upon her initial debut.

Year Crafted: 1979
Number Built: 19
No longer in production

Leigh 30 Overview

  • Length Overall 29’8″
  • Length at Design Waterline 23′4″
  • Beam, Maximum 9’7″
  • Draft 4′7″
  • Displacement: 9100 lbs.
  • Sail Area: 420 Square Feet
  • Ballast (lead) 4400 lbs.