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Linda 28

The Linda 28 was intended to combine robust construction, ample tankage, and unsurpassed directional and transverse stability with fully modern hull lines and weight distribution. She pleased coastal cruisers and yacht-club racers alike! Her 28’ overall length was selected in order to comfortably accommodate four adults for brief periods (or, perhaps, two living aboard for longer periods). She encompassed all modern conveniences: a fully enclosed head, centerline dining table which stows on the bulkhead when not in use, full-sized galley usable upright or offshore, and truly ample stowage in the sensibly sized lockers. She is simple to anchor, and inexpensively maintained.

The Linda 28 exhibits a gracefully traditional appearance. The designed waterline is exceptionally long for high speed potential and damping of pitching motion. All her ports are opening and of bronze, and her interior headroom is over six feet – as are the cockpit seats. Her glass work is superbly laminated, yet completely hidden from below decks by Morris’ fine standard wood joiner work.

Year Crafted: 1985
Number Built: 16
No longer in production

Linda 28 Overview

  • Length Overall 28’1″
  • Length at Design Waterline 22′9″
  • Beam, Maximum 9’2″
  • Draft 4′4″
  • Displacement: 8,300 lbs.
  • Sail Area: 410 Square Feet
  • Ballast (lead) 3900 lbs.