Modern Classics

Described as “the nautical equivalent of a Stradivarius” by Yachting World Magazine, M-Series yachts with their long overhangs, breathtaking lines and elegant charm are the perfect marriage of timeless classic design, modern performance innovations and flawless Morris heirloom quality.

All M-Series yachts have been designed in partnership with Sparkman & Stephens to deliver performance sailing that is fun and comfortable in classic style.

The new X-Type package is available in three M-Series models, M29x, M36x and M42x, and adds a new level of enhanced sailing performance and driver feedback for owners who want a little more under the hood.

Whether sailing with the family or singlehanded, sailing couldn’t be any easier or more fun than on our M-Series. With their self-tacking jibs and control lines led aft to the helmsman, M-Series are designed to help you make the most of your precious time on the water.

M-Series News

Beauty Built To Order: How All Morris Yachts Are Made (video)

Many things have changed since Tom Morris founded Morris Yachts nearly 45 years ago, but for us, none of the important things have changed. We still employ some of Maine's finest craftsman to build our [...]

M29x Shows Great Things Do Come In Smaller Packages

Like all X-Types, the M29x has the award-winning quality, distinctive good looks, attention-grabbing woodwork, and innovative engineering that goes into every M-Series yacht we build. And it also has all the go-fast features like a [...]

The Morris Yacht that started the “Classic American Daysailer” revolution… is even better now

Few boats have come to define an iconic style better than our M36—the original “Classic American Daysailer.” Inspired by a Sparkman and Stephens design, and with the full input and support of the late, great [...]

The M52 Is Elegant, Sophisticated, and “As Demure As A Highly Conspicuous Luxury Yacht Can Be”

The M52 is like a Bentley or a Rolls Royce—sophisticated, elegant, luxurious, and built to the highest standards. And I was reminded of this recently while reading Ian Parker's classic profile of Apple's design genius Jony Ive in the [...]