screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-7-46-25-pmMany things have changed since Tom Morris founded Morris Yachts nearly 45 years ago, but for us, none of the important things have changed.


We still employ some of Maine’s finest craftsman to build our classically styled, exquisitely designed, sailboats by hand.

We still work extremely hard to ensure that every boat we build is stunning to look at, rewarding to sail, comfortable at anchor, and crafted with quality, precision, attention to detail, and passion that’s impossible to ignore.

And we’re still inspired by, and have the utmost respect for, our owners and customers. They, like us, are passionate about sailing. They, like us, celebrate style and innovation and demand the very best. And most importantly, we know the decision to build a Morris Yacht can be one of the most powerful expressions of one’s individuality, passion, and sense of design a person can make.

We take that responsibility and trust very seriously.

That’s why every boat we build is unique—”built to order.” We call ourselves “semi-custom” builders, but as you can see in this short video clip, a hull is really the only thing we can’t “customize.” The truth is, the client design conversation has only just begun once a hull design is chosen.


And it’s during those many hours of designing, planning, and choosing everything from types of wood, hardware, rigging, and decking, to the placement of berths, and just about everything else inside the hull and on-deck that sets the Morris team apart.

We recognize that many owners come to us after having mulled over these choices for years. Sometimes, customers come to us during the design phase armed with sketches and drafts of their ideas. For others, our salespeople and engineers walk a new owner through design choices. The buying process is as straightforward or comprehensive as you want.

The goal of our design process is simple: To simply build you the yacht of your dreams.


What’s your dream yacht look like? Chances are we can build it for you.

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