Wythe Ingebritson, Northeast Harbor, ME

Besides a love for all things on and around the water, Wythe brings a depth of experience to his role managing the pre-owned sales department at Morris Yachts. After a career on the water that included running ferries in Boston Harbor to schooners off the coast of Maine to yachts in the Caribbean with his wife, he came ashore in 2000 to Bar Harbor to start a family.  Since then, he has spent time working at Hinckley, starting in service in the rigging department, he moved to a position training new Hinckley owners in all aspects of using and maintaining their boats.  He later moved to the boat building side of the business, eventually running both the project management and the quality departments.  An opportunity to join Morris Yachts in 2006 led to a position in sales representing both new and pre-owned yachts and involvement in both the builds and management of the new boats and the service and maintenance of the brokerage boats.An opportunity to run project management at Hinckley in 2011 led to a position in the brokerage department and the recent merging of Hinckley and Morris has allowed Wythe to spend his time at both companies. When Wythe is not helping someone find their next boat (or the next owner of their boat), he enjoys photography, being outside and most of all spending time with his wife and two boys – ideally on the water in one form or another.

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