Morris Yachts M29xLike all X-Types, the M29x has the award-winning quality, distinctive good looks, attention-grabbing woodwork, and innovative engineering that goes into every M-Series yacht we build. And it also has all the go-fast features like a tall carbon fiber rig from Hall Spars, high-performance 3Di sails from North Sails, and a deep high aspect ratio fin keel to provide rock-solid stability and enhanced sail carrying ability.


And the cool thing about the 29-foot-long M29x is that it also delivers the simple, back to basics thrill of small boat sailing you probably remember from your youth. But unlike a dinghy, an M29x will keep you dry, safe and upright.

m29x_slider-1It’s also designed to be easily sailed single handed or with a small crew so M29x is perfect for a quiet afternoon alone on the water or enjoying a sunset sail with friends and family.


The powerful sailplan can be easily trimmed for maximum performance via backstay, vang, cunningham, outhaul and mainsheet. Yet all the control lines run within easy grasp of the helmsman. Even the single-line reefing controls allow a single-hander to reef without stepping outside the cockpit.


Simplicity is paramount and no winches are required on the M29 since sheet loads are reduced through clever engineering. Features such as the flush mounted jib furler create a clean sail plan to optimize speed and performance while accentuating the M29’s stunning beauty. The cockpit is kept free of clutter due to clever use of the cam cleat/coaming pocket system and below deck sheet and furling line design.


And while we can’t really say the M29x is a “trailer sailer” per se, her 8-foot beam and total towing weight of under 7,000lbs, allows all M29’s to be easily towed behind any full sized SUV/Truck. So, while you probably won’t want to take your M29x with you every place you go, you could! And its trailering ease come in very handy when it comes time to pull the boat out of the water for the season.

You know you love the way M-series yachts look. But you’ll really love the way the M29x sails.

Check one out today.

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