morris52_006The Morris 52RS is not only flagship of the Ocean Series and a premier example of a high-speed offshore cruising design, it’s also a classic American offshore cruiser that finished to an incredibly high standard.

We’d like to believe no yard anywhere in the world has the capability to build a more finely crafted yacht. But then again we’re just a bit biased and we really want you to judge for yourself.


The hull design also allows for an extremely seakindly ride due a extremely low center of gravity keel design with the concentration of weight in the fixed ballast bulb. And since its easily driven hull and low center of gravity make the most of its balanced sailplan, comfortable cruising speeds in the 10-knot range are easily achievable in the trade winds


As you can see in these photos, the 52 is incredibly bright and airy due to the large raised saloon windows and the stunningly varnished woodwork literally glows with reflected light.


To us, “Made in America” is way more than just a slogan. In fact, we are very proud to say that the 52, like all our models are still built (by hand) in Maine.

Come and see for yourself.

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