At Morris Yachts, we believe our owners are a reflection of our values. They’re passionate about sailing and love to love their boats. They celebrate style, innovation, and always demand the best. Owners who build a Morris get more than “just” a stunningly beautiful yacht. They also get the priceless ability to express their individuality, passion, and sense of design with a yacht that quickly becomes a living, breathing part of the family.

Our boats are built to be sailed and, like our company, they last for generations. And while our designs maintain the timeless style of classic yachts, we also take advantage of expert design, engineering, and production innovations we continuously deliver new levels of performance and satisfaction to our owners.

But don’t just take our work for it. Paul Kennick came all the way from his native Holland to have us build a M42 for him. And as he explains in this video, the “Morris Difference” was well worth the trip.

While our yachts are known for their flawless hand joinery and meticulous brightwork, these features are just the most visible steps in a production process as state-of-the art as it is traditional. Carbon fiber, Kevlar composites, and the latest design concepts adopted by our in-house naval architect yield modern hulls built for performance and safety. In short, the beauty of a Morris is more than varnish deep.

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