Cuyler and Cindy Morris sail a new M29x in Maine last Summer.

The M29 is special because it has the award-winning quality, distinctive good looks, attention-grabbing woodwork, and innovative engineering that goes into every M-Series yacht we build. And the M29x pictured here also has all the go-fast features like a tall carbon fiber rig from Hall Spars, high-performance 3Di sails from North Sails, and a deep high aspect ratio fin keel to provide rock-solid stability and enhanced sail carrying ability.

Cuyler and Cindy Morris sail a new M29x in Maine last Summer.

But what’s so cool about the 29-foot-long M29 and the M29x is that both models deliver the simple, back to basics thrill of small boat sailing you probably remember from your youth. But unlike a dinghy, an M29 and M29x will keep you dry, comfortable, upright and looking good.

And as you can see in this video, since the M29 is designed to be easily sailed single handed or with a small crew, it’s as perfect for to take out for quiet afternoon by yourself or spirited day of racing with your buddies.

If winter was getting you down today, just remember, Spring is not too far off now. And imagine just how much fun it would be to daysail an M-series yacht of your own.

Check one out today.

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