Perfect Daysailer

Nothing says a passion for sailing like our M29. Designed with Sparkman & Stephens to be easy to rig, sail and maintain, the M29 is a perfect daysailer for singlehanded sailing or can be raced easily by a crew of two or three. Weight management was a top priority addressed by carbon epoxy construction, a carbon mast and rudder. The elegant yet spare accommodations below and the clean deck and functional cockpit have all been refined for the work at hand. All this combines to create a unique boat that mixes sporty performance with timeless style.


Single Handed Sailing at its Finest

Designed to be sailed single handed or with a small crew, the M29 is perfect for that quiet moment alone on the water or enjoying a sunset sail with friends and family. Play the sails like a racer or relax and enjoy, the M29 will enthuse and delight regardless! The powerful North mainsail and Hall Spars carbon mast are easily shaped via backstay, vang, cunningham, outhaul and mainsheet, and all at your fingertips! All control lines are run within easy grasp of the helmsman and even the single-line slab reefing allows you to safely and easily reef without taking a step outside the cockpit.

Impressive Performance

The racy M29 is responsive, simple and tiller steered for that back to basics thrill of small boat performance sailing you probably remember from your youth. Unlike a dinghy, however, she will keep you dry, safe and upright! The M29 exceeds performance expectations on all points of sail. She excels in light winds due to her sleek hull shape, modern fin keel, carbon fiber deep spade rudder and light weight construction.

Deep Safe Cockpit

The M29 is all about sailing and enjoying the ride. With her deep large cockpit the M29 is equally as safe and comfortable with one person onboard as with a crew of 3-4. Her optimally designed cockpit keeps you dry while still offering the thrill of a performance daysailer responsive to the elements. When sailing is complete, drop the hook, and stretch out on the port and starboard cockpit seats, perfect for relaxing with a book, picnicking or simply enjoying the scenery and company.

Unique Interior

Her delightful cabin is great for escaping the midday sun and enjoying a nap while on anchor. Personal belongings, provisions and refreshments can be safely stowed below and are within easy reach from the cockpit.

Perfectly Engineered

No winches are required on the M29 as the sheet loads are reduced through clever engineering. Features such as the flush mounted jib furler create a clean efficient sail plan to optimize speed and performance while accentuating the M29’s stunninig beauty. The cockpit is free of clutter due to clever use of the cam cleat/coaming pocket system and below deck sheet and furling line design.


With her 8’ beam and a total towing package weight of under 7,000lbs, the M29 is easily towed behind any full sized SUV/Truck giving you the freedom to take her wherever you want. Once at your destination, she can be rigged by just 2 people allowing you to maximize your on-water fun.


As with all Morris Yachts, the M29 offers peace of mind that you are onboard one of the most seaworthy boats in the world. The level of engineering, fit and finish onboard the M29 sets the benchmark by which other builders measure themselves. Morris craftsmen and engineers demand only the finest equipment and use the most modern techniques and technology during the boat building process proving that the beauty of a Morris is not only skin deep but integrated throughout all facets of the vessel.

Owner Training

Training that’s as personalized as our boats
Each handcrafted Morris comes with a personalized training course that is tailor made for you to help you use your new boat. The training happens right onboard in a location you choose and is taught by our most experienced professionals.

The purpose of the program is to give you hands-on experience and insight into key areas of your Morris lifestyle. From sailing, docking and anchoring to systems and maintenance, we’ll teach you practical, hands on techniques that will make your ownership experience more rewarding and more fun.

Course offerings are tailored to the personal needs of our owners and can cover a variety of topics from sailing fundamentals to advanced sailing; coastal cruising skills to offshore passagemaking; racing basics to advanced racing strategies. Maintenance and service are also covered in our training program.

“Every Morris owner wants to know more about their boat and more about how they can use it. What better way to learn than being taught on your own boat by the people who built it.” said Cuyler Morris. “We believe this program is just another example of the commitment we place behind our owners and we are proud to offer it exclusively to every owner of a Morris Yacht.”


LOA29' 2"
LWL20' 10"
BEAM7' 4"
DRAFT4' 6"
ENGINEYanmar 2YM15C x SD Saildrive unit, 2-cylinder, direct-injected, fresh water-cooled marine diesel engine, maximum 14 hp @ 3600 RPM.
CONSTRUCTIONCarbon-Epoxy & Kevlar™

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