NORTHEAST HARBOR, ME (March 5, 2018) — Morris Yachts, builder of sailing yachts of simplicity and stunning beauty, announced today an exciting update to the flagship M-Series lineup.   Both M-Series and M-Series X-Type yachts will now be built in epoxy-infused carbon from bow to stern.  This update will improve upon the lively performance, stiffness and rigidity of an iconic series of yachts designed by Sparkman & Stephens and sailed in the finest harbors worldwide.

“This is the most significant update to the M-Series since the unveiling of the M36 in 2003” said Jay Stockmann, VP of Morris Yachts at The Hinckley Company. “The Hinckley Company has invested in vacuum-infused epoxy allowing us to move the whole boat to carbon and Kevlar™ while retaining the classic lines that our Morris owners adore”.

The M-Series has always been distinguished by her traditional lines and modern features.  The move to epoxy will improve resin strength by 40%.   A carbon spade rudder and spar, high aspect ratio fin keel, self-tacking jib and control lines led to the helm, now combine with carbon epoxy composite construction from bow to stern.  An outer layer of Kevlar™ has been added for bulletproof puncture resistance.  The M-Series has perfected what other builders have yet to achieve, a lively performance with the ability to visit harbors and coves where yachts of similar performance could not ordinarily venture.

Building further on this infrastructure investment, Morris Yachts is partnering with the renowned Manchester Yacht Group for US yacht sales.  Don Brophy, President of Manchester Yacht Group said “We are really excited to partner with Morris Yachts.  These are iconic yachts that discerning sailors adore.” Stockmann added “Manchester Yacht Group is very highly regarded in the industry having built their name as the top sales team at Alerion Yachts for many years”.

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